Logger by Salesforce Labs


2012: The fastest, easiest way to log sales activity.

The year was 2012 and Adobe Flex was basically pronounced dead. It was time for me to move on technology wise after working with Flash since version 3 back in 1999 (or 1998?). I got the amazing opportunity to lead engineering on an Incubator project to log sales activities for Salesforce. We came up with the name Loggr (yes, it was THAT time) and later changed it to Logger.

We launched the app on iOS and Android using the following tech:

My editor of choice was Sublime Text 2. I had to learn everything from becoming a good web developer, to native app development, submissions to the App Store etc. It was a golden time 🙌 Craig, Grant, and Akhilesh 🙏

The project is still Open Source on GitHub: SalesforceLabs/Logger

What made us most proud was how much users loved Logger. I don’t have another screenshot than the one below but we got a ton of 5-star reviews. Logger App Store screenshot

And a few app screenshots:

Logger iPhone screenshot Logger Android screenshot Logger Android screenshot