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Presentation at UX STRAT USA 2021 on the topic: “Deep Learning UX: AI-Powered, Personalized Design at Scale”

Every person is unique. We all experience the world through our own subjective lens. But when it comes to user-experience design, most companies choose a one-size-fits-all approach. Learn how artificial intelligence is challenging this status quo to deliver highly personalized digital experiences and build customer relationships by design. What if we could generate user interfaces automatically? To take it even a step further, what if we could predict UIs? What are the ethical implications and how can we mitigate unintended consequences?

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Interview with Jeff Link talking about personalized and generative design: The Era of Cookie-Cutter Website Design Is Ending

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Salesforce News & Insights: Designing the Future of Design

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Fast Company interview: The future of user experience design starts with AI

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Dreamforce ‘19 Theatre Session presenting Einstein Designer - Personalization at Scale